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Founder's Pack item transfer help!!!!!!

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HI, On January 19th i requested a character transfer from mushin sever and started a character on Jiwan while i waited. I made a mistake and deleted the character, but on that day I provided another character to replace the deleted one, however they never answer my previous question that i asked on January 16th regarding whether the nncoins and items will be given to the character's inventory or if it would be place in the item mall mailbox. I did not receive a reply. After I made another ticket and resubmitted it tuesday morning and still have not received any confirmation and my mushin character continues to stare me in the face with his queues wait time. I admit it has calmed in that sever (for premium members), but for friends i want to play with, they cant because the wait time is so long (3000+). The Blade and Soul team has not confirmed if they got it or given any status update on it. I am not ranting or upset, I just want to know that the process has begun or is not happening at all so I could go on with my gaming life. I have put nccoin purchases on hold for my account until this is resolved because it would not make any sense to buy more if my refund remains up in the air. I am a frequent shopper so I would like to continue shopping but if i feel cheated out of a refund without explanation it would be a done deal with ncsoft.  Please GM, community members, or any of the Blade and Soul team please help me understand what is going on.

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