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(help) for skill build on class KFM PVP


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Hi, I'm newbee to the game and i really like this game and i can't wait to play PVP and to be one of the best with kung fu master class. I started playing this game on 19 Jan and i'm lvl 17 now. Later on the game i saw skill bracket to level. Can anyone suggest the best skills to level for PvP? If i play on PvP it'll be after i finish the game and max the level. How to upgrade my skills for PvP?

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As a KFM , you'd want to stay away from PVP until your atleast lvl 36 . 

When you get all ur stuns skill ( except Pressure Point) 


Once you reach 36 , you'll be able to do good in PVP if you practiced your stun combo enough . 

At 45 , When pressure point becomes available , you'll do even better . 


if your on EU server , hit me up ingame and i'll be glad to help you . 


Nick : Nameless 

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