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Equipment feed experience


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Hey everyone,


One thing I don't fully understand is what decides the amount of exp you get from feeding something. (I know the amount between the min and max is random).

For example feeding purple weapons from Blackram Narrows to your Hongmoon weapon gave a lot of exp, but after the breakthrough with Blackram weapon, they almost gave nothing anymore. So is it dependant on the stage of your weapon?

Or is it weapon level bound (kinda the same ish), like if you feed a lvl 30 weapon to a lvl 20 weapon, that's good, but feeding 21 to 20 is not efficient?

Or maybe it's char lvl bound? Feeding lvl 25 at lvl 30 is bad, even if your weapon is level 20? That would be quite annoying since I outlevel the area I'm in.

And for feeding blue stuff, sometimes the max is higher than the min, sometimes not , since the level is too low maybe?


I never found any concluding answers to this question,


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