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Playing together?


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Hello forum,

As my title says my question is about playing together.

Not just playing together with someone in a party who is miles away, but lanning.
Even before im gonna attempt playing BnS on the same network with 2 pc's, I just wanna ask around a bit first.

Since people got banned for vpn software i wanna be really cautious.


So basically in short, Playing with diffrent 2 pc's on 1 router. Possible? Yes or no?

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Possible, as far as I know.


And don't worry about using VPNs either. As I mentioned somewhere else, people are not banned for using VPNs, but because of using VPNs. 

The difference between the two is that in the actual(latter) case, using VPN may cause you to get banned but it's not the reason for a ban. You can appeal that kind of ban with support.

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