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Do we need to 'stand in front of a dungeon' ?


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Hey guys,

 I am bit of a MMO newbie though I felt in love with this game, especially because of its combat system.


 I have an awful newbie question, can you please confirm these two things for me ?


 - When searching for a dungeon party, I need to wait in front of a dungeon, right ? I was thinking it will teleport me inside from any place but it doesn't seem like that.

- I also assume that the system is only adding players into party while there is still at least one person outside the dungeon, right? If there are 5 of us then as soon as all 5 of us enter the dungeon, system won't try to add the last 6th member anymore.



Thnx & cu around !



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The [F]-key LFG method is more for people that want to search for people locally, ergo it only regards people in the surrounding dungeon enter area. It's the older, original system and has its drawbacks. If you want a quick party finder, press [F8] and enter the cross-dungeon LFG. There you can easily select those dungeons you want to run and the interface will quickly team you up with others even if you - or they - are actually on another map (or server).

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