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Martial Tome is glitched


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I am trying to access my martial tome so that i can use a training point to continue the game here are the problems i am having

1. I have no Training points

2. i try to reset my training points and i still have no training points

3. while i have to do this i have no access to any quests or my map

4. It will not stop saying "Press the K key to open the Martial Tome and spend the Training Points, then press the Learn button at the bottom to complete the training."


please help i dont wanna start over

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Just kind of ignore the message floating in front of the screen for now. As soon as you hit level 15 you can put in a point and everything will be solved. It really shouldn't take too long since you should pretty much already be at that level at that point in the story. Make sure you're doing all of the side quests to make sure you're leveling as fast as you should for the story.

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