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Badly stuttering audio, low FPS


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I have an issue with the audio in the game, no matter where I am or what settings I'm using, the sound will stutter and glitch out almost constantly and it seems to be adversely affecting my framerate.  I recorded about 30 seconds of it from the menu screen to show what I mean, this is from the character select screen with all of the graphics options at 1 to eliminate any possibility of graphical lag:


https://www.dropbox.com/s/c7dhqjlxdlpd9fs/bnssoundglitch.mp3?dl=0 (apologies for random Windows noise in the middle)



MSI GT72 Dominator Pro

Intel i7-471HQ 2.5Ghz quad core


Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M

Windows 10 64bit


So far I've tried:

- Disabling Razer Synapse (no effect)

- Setting graphics to "optimize for low-end PCs" (no effect or change in framerate)

- Complete reinstall onto my SSD (no effect)

- Muting all sound (no effect)

- Using a USB sound card (no effect)


My computer can run just about anything out there on max settings with little to no lag, except apparently this years-old Unreal 3 game :(


EDIT: Incidentally, does anyone know how to disable audio processing entirely, not just muting it?  I'm curious what effect that might have and I'm sure it's just an ini setting somewhere like with a lot of Unreal engine games, but I'm having trouble finding information on how to do it with this one.



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