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Serious pixelation(?) issues.


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Hello readers, I started the game, like alot of people on the day of release, however I come to find something peculiar going on in my game. As I go to create my character, or even before that at the little character select area I notice red pixels scattered here and there across the area. Okay well, fast forward to the creation of my character, a Lyn and I notice the same red pixels in the background, as well as several green pixels on my face. I had a similar issue in Borderlands: The Pre Sequel but with a simple adjustment of the settings it was completely removed, but on Blade and Soul, no matter what I do, how low, how little everything is put, it will still be there. Adjusting the background of the character creation screen would remove some of the pixels, specifically if I went to the night time one, the green would be almost completely gone but the red would be covering a large amount of the background. (All of this shown below)


(The image above, shows the MAJOR collection of red pixels around the tree, the arrow is there for clarification. BUT also take note of the other red scattered pixels on the rocks and such. Below is a image or close up of the skin, and the green pixels, though you may need to look close.)



Doing what I thought might be some solutions I attempted to update any drivers on my computer, specially graphic card drivers and the such and no fix. So I make the character and get in, game runs nicely am fine with it's performance, but I do notice the pixel thing continues, more in certain instances, example being below, on the beach battle scene right after the tutorial. 

Now I powered through this bit, and reached the first town, right after this scene and had a big surprise when I turned my camera a bit.

Everything would be covered with the pixels, most noticable on the darker objects like my tail, the buildings etc, but it would blanket the entire range of my skin, obviously I could see things but a weird colorization would happen at the amount of the pixels and then, just as suddenly, if I turn my camera again, it will disappear. And it's not just once, it'll do this cycle randomly, sometimes for a bit, sometimes not at all until it just pops back into reality. Google searches have lead me no where and although lengthy I hope this has enough details to get a possible fix for this?

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To the op, what graphic card, windows, etc do you have? Basically what is your pc's stats.

I'm having a similar issue but it makes everything neon green.

Lumiere, As far as the screen being small You can fix that by clicking "optimize for low-end pc's"  and "Optimize for combat" save it then exit the game. Go to start menu, then go to computer, on the left hand side go to documents, bns, NCWEST then right click and open ClientConfiguration with note pad then go  to edit and type in window  and change the values to this .

   <option name='windowed' value='0'/>
    <option name='full-windowed' value='0'/>
    <option name='full-screen' value='1'/>

I think this game hates most graphic cards, I seen so many graphic bugs that there is no way it can be everyone's pc. It has to be something effecting certain type of graphic cards.

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