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200 ping bad?


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Is 200 ping bad? I checked my ping and it is about 160-250 I think, somewhere around 200 so to say.

I want to play Assassin but is the ping too high, or is it too high for any class?

I'm from Estonia so I'm not very far from Germany, why such ping? In CS:GO I have 40-80 ping.

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Alright so I have actually around 100 ping, I checked it like this, people say this is the way to check - https://imgur.com/a/OvHdw

And it should be the Client.exe, Remote Port shoud be 10241, atleast someone said so. In this way it shows that I have around 100 ping.

Is it good?


Edit: People are telling that EU servers are actually still located in Austin, Texas in USA. So we are playing on US servers, the chat and game is EU and server is USA, atleast I understood it like that, true?

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