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GameGuard + Firewalls


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I think most of the issues related to game crashes simply comes from GameGuard which is well know for taking deep control of many resources and conflicting with some Firewalls out there as it looks and feel like a "rootkit".  Many companies have understood that this is going to far in hacking protecting and have given up on GG.  If you have issues with GG and I strongly doubt that BnS can terminate GG as something tells me that they are now in contract with them for quite some time.  I would suggest you type the name of your firewall in google like this "gameguard and (yourfirewall) problems", may lead to some solutions.


What you will too often find in this sections are people thinking they have "the solution" when actually their solution only applies to their computer or their solution isn't one at all as they think they made a change to something which leads to not having the game crash but an hour later it starts crashing again and they don't bother coming back to edit their post.


Keep in mind that, if you do succeed in avoiding the conflict between your firewall and this game, you will only have less security overall as no matter the solution, it requires toning down securities to make this game work with GameGuard (it mostly involve making GG's directory trusted but that also means that something else could install itself there and run fully).


Anyway, always be weary of people saying they found the solution and understand the good and the bad of a compromise which is made only so a game would run.  You must understand that, if game companies are to understand people just have real valid hatred for GG will force them to terminate contracts with them and look for other solutions that doesn't impact gamers are much, by seeking solutions to make it work on your computer means these companies will not have massive feedback about this piece of trash called nProtect and think all is fine.

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