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Ok pc, can't get over 20 FPS?


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My PC's Specs are:

750 Ti SC

AMD FX-6300

8 GBs of Ram

I know my PC isn't too good, but I should be able to run BnS with more than 20 fps right? I changed all my settings to 1 and then to 5 and there seems to be almost no performance difference, maybe I get like +5 frames when I go down to 1. I really like this game, and I'm pretty used to the lag now but it would be so much more fun if I could play it smoothly. 

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Here are a few things you could try:

  • Try restarting the game after setting all options to 1 (some options may need the game to reboot in order to be effective)
  • Uncheck all the options at the bottom of the graphics panel "Advanced Settings", and disable anti aliasing
  • Lower the game resolution in the "Default Settings" panel (I'm currently playing with a lower resolution, 1600*900, for smoother FPS)
  • On a notebook, make sure you are running on the high end graphic card (may not be your case)
  • Take a look at the settings of your graphic card (using either AMD or Nvidia tool) which can be usually be found in the task bar on the lower left of your computer desktop (near the clock, and check the little "up arrow" if you don't see it). For nvidia it's called GeForce Experience, but I don't remember how it's called for AMD. Anyway, in this tool, some options could override the one in Blade & Soul and therefore changing the setting in B&S would have no effect.

This is all I can think of right now, hope it helps. See you in game ;)

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