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Signature Pack - Duelist Bundle worth it? Why so much?


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I was wondering, why Duelist Bundle is so expensive? What is in it that makes it worth 2700 NCoins?


30-day premium is about 1,000 coins. There is a soup for increased experience which isnt such a deal breaker for me.

Training expansion ticket for extra tab - not bad but still not worth those extra 1700 points.


So the last things that are left our are those keys, brilliant viridian key and brilliant cinderlands keys. The question is are they really worth so much? What is the advantage of having those keys? Is it hard to find them as F2P player? What are they useful for?


I would appreciate if anyone could shine some light on this, thanks.

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You get keys from NCStore as well. Total bundle worth:

Expansion ticket (800) + 30 days premium (959) + 2x Cinderlands key (480) + 1x Viridian key (80) = 2319 NC without dragon soup.


Dragon Soup is also available in NCStore for 800 NC for 5x, so the worth is supposedly 1600 NC. Obviously though, it's not actually worth that much in value.



Keys: When you progress your character, you commonly have to upgrade your Hongmoon weapon using some field weapons, that you find in boxes from dungeons. Running a dungeon usually yields 1 weapon box. You have two options

- Open it with normal key: you get a random weapon

- Open it with brilliant key of respective region: you get a weapon of your class. F2P players only get a few keys from the survey, and nowhere else.

Having a brilliant key can save you a dozen dungeon runs, if you're unlucky.

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