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BnS crashes when reviving

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6 hours ago, monyetluthu said:

i have dual graphic VGA.. intel graphic card with integrated nvidia GT 630m. is it because of it that always crashing while attempting to revive?

 I heard that for some reason it switches to your itnel card when reviving but there is a guy here experiencing the same problem having only intel graphic card so i dont know really. You can try running the game with options only to run on the nvidia card and see if the bug is fixed.

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try to set your nvdiai grafik card as default. You need to set it at the Nvidia settings (right click on the Nvidia symbol in the tray)


I have intel hd grafik card onboard and a GTX765M 2GB in my Laptop and i dont have these problems.

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I had the same problem and i found a solution for myself. (I have also Intel HD integrated video card and additional NVIDIA.)

1. Open NVIDIA Control Panel.

2. In Manage 3D settings I chaneged my global settings to High-performance NVIDIA processor and in Program Settings i chose Client.exe and select the same.

3. Changed everything in Video (Adjust video color and image settings ) to With/Use the NVIDIA settings.


P.S Sorry for my bad english.

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Idk if some1 already responded to this but i had the same problem a wile ago.

Is because ur laptop uses the integraded card and when that is not enough changes to the dedicated one,most times when u reviving.

i did this on my laptop and it worked.i hope it help u:

-desktop>Graphic Properties>Advanced Mode>3D>Texture Quality set to Performance

And on Nvidia Control Panel u need to change to High Performance for the game,and if it helps try to set Antialaising off and other thing u dont need to make it run better.

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