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BnS crashes when reviving


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I am having a big problem. BnS always crashes when i or someone near me revives. Goes straight to the desktop without any error message. I have had the same problem with the chinese version and it's really frustrating. Can't play like this.


I have ACER, with Intel HD integrated video card and additional NVIDIA GT 540M. My OS is Windows 7. 

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I have:

-Only Intel(R) HD Graphics Family

-Windows 7

-"Low end specs pc"



When ever a character is an the animation of reviving (When they start to glow and hover above the ground) It will always crash me. I have also gotten this crash from my cat dying since the same glowy effects happen(I'm a summoner btw). I have already googled/binged w.e searched for everything I could to find an answer and I could never find any real answer besides someone saying that "I should play on another computer"(This is not an option I an looking for). I will say that I have had this error on other version of blade and soul such as KR and CN (Not as heavy as the NA version, this bug would only happen sometimes and it was only with other people's characetrs). However I have noticed that a couple of times during the boss fight in Blackram narrows is that my cat has died, but I did not crash from it. Yet in every other case (I'm guessing not as busy as the boss fight) I will crash from it dying and other character's entering the animation of revival.


(I do not get an error message, the game just crashes)


I have tried the following:


-Reinstalled blade and soul

-Deleted and reinstalled (Tried twice)

-Made sure blade and soul is in right folder, same as launcher

-Play blade and soul on setting 'Run for low specs pc' option and nerfing my graphics to oblivion

-Set blade and soul to start in admin

-Blade and soul in compatibility for WinXP and Win7(Which is what I have)

-Tried compatibility settings: -Run in 256 colors -Run in 640x 480 screen resolution -Disable visual theme -Disable desktop composition -Disable display scaling on high DPI settings


I have also tried

-looking away from character that is trying to revive.

-Hide other character (This bug effects my own character as well, so it doesn't really matter)

-Zooming into 1st person mode


I need some help please, I really want to play this game and this bug almost makes it impossible.


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if someone else is having this problem i found a way to avoid it  , roll your mouse till u get in 1st person game then u can use the bottom to revive , it should work ^^


PS; that worked only once to me idk what i did but anyway i'll try to find a way to avoid it ^^

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absolutely the same story but i am not playing a summoner. why did you pick a summoner knowing you have that bug? xD  Now i have heard a theory that during revive it switches to your integrated graphic card for some reason and you should disable that. i tried with the nvidia control panel to set up the game to be only with the nvidia graphic card but guess what Error 4209 gameguard. You can try making it run only with the NVIDIA or whatever you have and tell me if that helps you and also how you have managed to do that .

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I actually didn't think I would have the same problem when I picked summoner. I haven't played CN and KR about  2 years + before playing this, also it was my 1st choice so I didn't know untill it actually died. So long story short: I just didn't know. Intel HD is the card I am running on, It' the only card that I have so I can't switch. I do not have NVIDIA so I can't try the fix. Thanks tho :).

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IM NOT A SUMMONER AND I CRASH ALL THE TIME THAT I TRY TO REVIVE . THIS GAME IS STUPID MAN NCSOFT DONT CARE ABOUT IT . since they have ppl donating for them and they're with their pockets full they will not try to fix these things . wait till they loose 70% of the players like they did in L2 then mb they start to change something . but i really doubt cuz honestly they didnt change nothing at l2 too ^^

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I get this issue on other classes as well, it's not just my cat. Any class and any character will have this issue, also I sent in a ticket and they closed it right after I sent it in saying that they can't help me:


We apologize for the recent crash and disconnection issues you experienced after the maintenance. Rest assured we are working hard on a fix for these issues.
In the meantime, you can try the suggested workaround posted in our knowledge base article about the recent crash and disconnection issues if you are using Razer peripherals:
If the work-around above doesn’t work, you can also try uninstalling your Razer software and restarting your PC as a temporary solution. Our team is currently working closely with Razer on a solution for these issues.
In addition, you can also check out to the following forum thread for potential fixes: https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/162803-new-patch-supportfix-thread/?page=1
Unfortunately, outside of the above mentioned work-arounds, there is nothing more we can recommend at this point. Please keep an eye on our website and forums for future updates.
We apologize sincerely for the inconvenience and we thank you for your patience.
Kind regards,

NCSOFT Support Team

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20 hours ago, silentera said:

guys who have the same problem, please write if you have dual video cards, video card driver version etc.

i have dual graphic VGA.. intel graphic card with integrated nvidia GT 630m. is it because of it that always crashing while attempting to revive?

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