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game wont load past titlescreen


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Its been pretty much every evening this week, and only on the EU server.
When I switch to NA I can log in, pin, accept and select to play no problems.
But on the EU it doesn't go past the Pin and its starting to get very annoying,
reinstalling, restarting or switching NA-EU does not work 90% of the time

and you can't tell me there is a maintenance going on every time I try to log.
(I might be a little cursed, but that is just ridiculous, even for me.)


Not really problems a game should be having when there's an option for PTP...

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I have the same problem, ONLY on EU server, if I log in on NA it logs straight away.


I think ALL EU players are having this problem which is dumb since I haven't seen any official posts yet and it has gone on for hours.


Type in pin then I have to wait for up to 10 minutes before I click log in, then I have to wait another 5 mins before I'm actually logged in. If I try to switch character afterwards I get kicked.

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