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I can't buy NCoin via Paypal


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12 minutes ago, ecaflip said:


Problem with that is that amazon doesn't accept paypal

you cant always rely on paypal whenever you are trying to purchase something... you should know by now (but by the looks of it you dont) that you should always have backup ways of purchasing something. and considering paypal half the time loves to restrict your account for no dam good reason other than their typical response!


yeah id hardly call paypal reliable.

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17 hours ago, Elesion said:

I am not see-ing this "other Conversations Options" tab... where can i find this? D:


17 hours ago, AkshayHelly said:

After Paypal login window, there will be an option as Other Conversation Options  click on it then check circle as Bill me in the currency listed on the seller's invoice. Click on submit button. Secure pay. Enjoy. ^_^

http://image.png upload a gif

http://image.png gifs upload

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1 minute ago, AkshayHelly said:

Because it's credit/debit card payment. 

Or you can set your paypal settings as..

  • Main page (My account - Overview)
  • Click on Profile
  • My Money
  • Under My Preapproved Payments, Update
  • Set Available Funding Sources
  • Conversion Options
  • Bill me in the currency listed on the seller's invoice.
  • Submit and Save changes
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I found something on the German FAQ, it says if your PayPal is only connected to your bank account directly (no credit/debit card) it won't let you purchase NCoins due to some sort of restrictions (too lazy to go back and translate it all) but basically what it says is you have to do a bank transfer directly to PayPal, aka recharge your PayPal balance and once you have money on your actual PayPal account you should have no problems purchasing NCoins from the website using PayPal.


Try following these steps:




(if you are American anyway) as the steps I had to follow were for the German PayPal.


Hope that helps, I just recharged on my own PayPal as well to make this work hah.

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