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4049 error. How to fix?


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Ok so this happened, I looked it up and apparently it's quite a popular problem people have had 



Apparently many people fixed the problem by deleting the Gameguard folder in game directory and re-launching the game, but that doesn't fix the problem for me. I don't think Gameguard installs properly for me when I do that. A new Gameguard folder with file called npgl.erl (and nothing else) appear and I get same crash msg.


Can someone please help

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just want to add my input, game worked fine, nothing changed from last night to this morning, then started getting this error 4049 


you have to look in game installation ( default is c;/program filesx86/NCSOFT/BNS )


delete 2 folders here : " GameGuard" AND "Bin" then run the launcher as administrator and after file check it should redoawnload GameGuard , worked for me 

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