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Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger / Quest Bugged?

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- Deliver Raven Feather Fan to Old Man Cho on top of a building near Sandstone Refuge to further your Windwalking training.


Old Man Cho runs off up the the water tower yet when he gets there, he and the purple star quest marker disappear?


Always disliked this slippery character but really Cho? D: 


Anybody experienced this and figured a way around it?

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1 minute ago, Menester said:

Have You tried relogging? It should work just fine.


Yep, been having this problem since before the patch yesterday, still not working as of now.


Should also note that I have already abandoned the quest and done it again, however when I get to this part, same thing happens,

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Ive got the same bug, as of right now im trying the "file repair" that is available. 

Update: the bug repair did not help it. To fix this bug u must abandon and go to the starting point and obtain the fan from the quest giver. 

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My friend must have abandoned Old Man Cho quest and we can't figure out how to get it back, how did you get the quest back after abandoning it because we need the wall run skill to complete the story line?


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Ok, so previously I made a post but it wasn't right. My friend abandoned the quest line completely, like the whole kit and caboodle and now it's just gone out of his quest letters, it's not in progress, it's nowhere and we can't figure out how to get the quest back. I got on an old toon of mine that was only level 19 to see what would happen if I abandoned the Old Man Cho quest and it went back in my quest letters, but it's nowhere for him? What does he need to do? I have even tried going back as far as the storyline because I figured if he abandoned it they would have a quest but no.

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