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Stuck on loading after character selection


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So I just completed Act 1 on my Assassin and talked to the NPC to send me to the next area via dragon pulse. Went to a loading screen, and has the loading bar at the bottom, but it never fills the load bar. I can see about 2 pixels of the little running Lyn animation that normally fills the bar on the far lefthand side of the screen as if that animation is running just barely offscreen,l but the bar never fills. I have force closed the game and restarted the client as well as rebooted my PC and tried again to no avail.


I can see my characters fine on character select. I can even log in and play on my Force Master (on the same server) just fine, so I know the servers are up and everything is making a proper connection. But when I change characters and select my assassin, I wait in the queue and then it finally goes to loading screen and again, same issue, load bar never fills and the 2 pixels of the animation move on the left without ever filling the bar. I've left it sitting for a good half hour so I'm fairly certain it's not just running slowly.


No idea what to do here but I'd really like to be able to play my Assassin. Please help!


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I also have this issue on my Destroyer! I finished act 1 and talked to the man that starts the Act 2 quests and I got stuck on that same animation, and everytime I try to boot up that character it gives me that screen with the same two pixels. Someone please help!


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