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What is up with arena and FM?


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I have been doing them the last day and noticed that people seem to literally resist every spell 99% of the time. 

Like no joke, resist, resist, resist, resist, resist over and over. 

I don't understand it because I sure as hell am not seeing "block, block, block, block, block" over and over in favor of me. 

I never have this issue in open world. 

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some classes litarally can block almost everything. but as FM u have some ice related spells, which can brake their defense... just check out your skill tree. u will find some solutions :) for example the x-ice skill can be made to a small tornado what breaks and block their resisting skills for 6secs....  

the reason, why u dont have to face this in open world, might be the fact, that the open world ppl dont play with a real pvp spec at the moment when u hit them ^^ hf and greetings

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