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Horrible Loading Times/Stutters (Also, Mouse Delay)


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Two problems I've had so far, may as well merge them:

1. Mouse controls have a >150ms buffer for inputs making them a definitive handicap. I also saw this also mentioned in a reddit thread. Binding the controls to a keyboard increases the responsiveness and spam-ability of normal attacks, especially during framerate stutters (see further). It also affects advanced techniques like animation canceling as well as actually getting the bound skills to cast in between other ones.


2. The loading strain is absolutely terrible. This is perhaps the biggest issue with the game for me right now. I have an SSD and 12gb of RAM, it still takes the game about 60-90 seconds to boot up and each area loading screen taking about 20-30 seconds on average - Including dungeons. This doesn't even take into the account the massive framerate stutters as the game tries to load parts of the map as you try to navigate around it - Even parts you aren't rendering (players, effects, etc). It's so bad that the game with even lock up briefly over a critical hit and when loot drops... Up to several seconds (Most noticeable on bosses). It's so bad I actually thought I may have accidentally installed the game on my old HDD I use for backup, but even it loads the game just as poorly.

Despite all this, I haven't noticed any memory leaks and I've only had to force-close the game twice for being rendered unresponsive by this issue. If I wasn't a premium player, being thrown back into queue because of this would have be absolutely infuriating.


Objectively speaking: Optimization issues pls fix.

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