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It's likely a way to discourage impatient people so more committed players get into the game faster.


In addition, it could be that the algorithm is becoming more cautious as you move closer, as it can't really predict when a player will log off. The further back in queue, the less variation there will be in predicting queue times. e.g, normally, the queue moves at 4000players/60min, so ~67 players per minute. As you approach #1, the queue time relies more and more on the likelihood of a player leaving, which might be only 0.5%/minute.  


It would take 100percent players / 0.5percent players / minute = 200 players / minute in order to have a player leave each minute (statistically). So multiply that by 67... and it takes a population of 13,400 players to keep a steady rate of 67 players leaving per minute. As you approach the front, statistics is no longer on your side; there's a chance you'll only wait a second in #1, and a chance you'll wait 10 minutes while you're #1. In addition, as players are kicked/leave, there is a greater likelihood the players still on are the type that plays a lot (hasn't been afk), so the population is self-selected to linger for a long time.


I don't think statistics entirely explains the increasing estimates -- no doubt they throw in 10-20 minutes to help clear out players that are quick to make criticisms so the people who are looking forward to the game get in faster -- but I think that it explains a large proportion of the absurdly increasing wait time.


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