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Rav's Art Stuff...


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Sup, since I saw many people promoting them self with making signatures and what not, I could do the same I guess... I kinda want to improve and experience would be a good thing.

Here's my dA to see more of my work.

Small samples of my work.


I am usually doing Personal Arts for users on https://s4db.net/ like these:



You feel like having one... use this form below. (The size I go with is 700x200/780x200/780x300)

  • You name + the colour: (Example Rav, Blue)
  • (Optional)Quote: (Example: From Point A and Point B)
  • Render/Image: (Example: http://goo.gl/SgPTVY )
  • Theme: (Example: I want it to look simple and easy to look at, nothing flashy)
  • Color: (Example: I want you to try keep blue as main colour )
  • Other: Anything else you want, as long as you'll be specific enough, the better results for you!

(Example I want it to be not in square be more focused on Blade&Soul.)


---===The software I use are usually Photoshop CS6 and Cinema4D===---

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15 hours ago, Enamour said:

Shatter - Blue

All things can be shattered.


Theme: Something cool and subtle

Color: Blue and Black mainly. Probably tinges of purple if it fits

Something with glass cracking would be nice and of course hopefully something I can use once we can use siggies.

Will this work with you? It's my first time doing something with glass.


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On 1/22/2016 at 1:36 AM, OliviaS said:





  • You name  Olivia    colour:  tinges of gold color
  • Theme: warm 
  • Color: tinges of yellow and red

thank u~

I'll get on with it, once I wake up tomorrow, for now I am totally tired, so much farming ^^;

I finished it, but I feel not satisfied, so I'll do another version, so it's optional for you which one you like to go with.


I made this when I was fully awake.


This one is when I was tired.


Well choose.

Time to do Shaoro's and Kalix's now. Sorry for the big wait.


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19 hours ago, KalixHavok said:
  • Kalix and my color is red. 
  • Quote: The Scarlet Fist
  • Portraits_160122_000_zpsw3d9addt.jpg
  • Theme: Fiery Aura plz
  • Color: Keeping the color red would be nice :P
  • Other: Anything else you want, as long as you'll be specific enough, the better results for you


Thank you in advance!

I would love you to give me a similar picture of your character a close up horizontal like Shaoro's. Thanks!

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