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Help with assassin solo dungeon build


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Yeah they changed sins quite a lot, atleast from the other builds i've played on.

Im still testing stuff out but here's my current build




Basically, everything is about keeping poison up and going back to stealth with TAB or 2 (in some cases you can SS -> dash to stealth if bosses have long cast spells)

My usual boss combo is:


-start from stealth by dash from behind or running+RMB

-spam RMB -> F -> RMB 

-as your stealth time gets around 1sec, apply poison with X and recover stealth with 1

-spam RMB - F again

-just before stealth runs out, Z to reapply poison

-couple of RMB hits or 4

-TAB to get back in stealth, (boss have to have poison on him for this)

-RBM - F


after this its really situational, depending is your TAB and 1 (in stealth) on cooldown

you basically want to either stealth ->  X - RMB - out of stealth -> X - TAB or  stealth -> RMB ->  2 back to stealth or in stealth -> 3 to extend your stealth

Sneak attack (X) resets your TAB cooldown if it crits and RMB in stealth lowers your Shadow drain (1) cooldown

rest of the points are used for some survivability out of stealth, like smokescreen, invu. frames with C and knockdown combo 

- 2 -> F followed by 3 which knockdowns bosses


hope the link works and my explanation wasn't too confusing  =) 

ill edit/add if i missed something, maybe make a quick video if u want and if ill have time, we'll see

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Just focus on skills that keep you in stealth stance and spam RMB + F

I also main Assassin and i have almost the same build as Magzs but i dont like the smoke bomb since i like to regen my focus with the shuriken, but thats just a preferance

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