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Crash on startup


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Everytime when I launch the client, I click on play button, logo shows up and it crashes. (look on pics) 3wru9d.jpg6cwicr.jpgftv9kt.jpg

I reinstalled it 3 times. Tried many many thins but crash still shows up probably at the same moment. I don't use any Razer or Asus product and their software. Don't have any Razer or Asus task in task manager. Please help me I want to play after about 5h of trying to run it :D

(sorry for my bad english :) )

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Hey i was having the same problem awhile ago. i dont know if you fix this yet but This fixed it for me if anything make time to restart and find the wrong thing running.



Hey, I was experiencing a lot of crashes on the first day so I tooled around a lot with my startup services and fixed the crashes.


  • Go to your Windows Start Menu
  • Search for your Run utility
  • In the Run utility, type msconfig
  • Go to the services tab
  • Hide all Microsoft services
  • Disable all, enable anything you usually actually use and you can troubleshoot with that to see what the problem is.

It's most likely Gameguard causing your crashing, I hope this helps.

Cheers, and have fun!

Logged into forums just to help you out

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