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Faction PvP


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So in the Scorching Sands where the two factions are fighting I tried to earn more prestige points to rank up to Initiate. However when I kill Crimson npcs or other players my prestige points stay at zero. Can anyone help me fix this bug I have.


To answer some questions that might pop up 
1) I am wearing my Cerulean outfit while fighting
2) I have taken my outfit off and did other things for around 2 - 2.5 hrs and tried again but bug still persists 

3) I have restarted the game and it is still the same

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Recruit is the first rank, and Private is the next which is what you are probably trying to go for. If you just got to that area, then you should get prestige. I don't know when exactly you stop getting them, but for sure after hitting 45 and going back there to do faction dailies you get no prestige points for NPC kills.



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