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Game causing my PC to overheat :(


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I think it's most likely a problem of your hardware, either:

  1. your hardware (GPU or CPU) is running on its limits which may cause it to overheat as it may not be designed to be used at highest power for a long time, or
  2. the bottle neck of your computer is the cooling system (especially if you are using a notebook, this is the more likely case).

My suggestions for resolving your problems, depending on the two cases above:

  1. check the hardware requirements of the game and compare them with the system properties of your computer. If at some point your computer's performance is worse than the hardware requirement, you might consider upgrading your computer. If your computer's performance is *very* close to the hardware requirements, you can also try upgrading your drivers.
  2. improve your cooling system. If you are using a notebook that can be easily done by buying a cooling pad where you put your notebook on - also resolved my overheating problems when gaming with my notebook.
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Optimize cooling and airflow. Reduce graphics settings. Install a temperature monitor.


Try to keep your CPU temp below 70c and GPU less than 80c (may vary depending on the specific model)

I run the game on max settings, with overclocked gpu and overclocked cpu - I never hit unsafe temps.

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