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Can't proceed in Chapter 8: Right Under Our Noses


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So I went down the outhouse to the cave "The Pigsty" to do the quest.

All was normal I freed the strange pig and he opened the door to the dead end room. 

After that I left the place without him.

Unfortunately, that bugged the quest out, since it still said to follow Kan Om after I left the cave. 

I went back in to painstakingly let him follow me out to kill everything again, but I couldn't go into the dead end room where he was at because the door was shut again.

The strange big was back to being held in the cage, but freeing it does nothing because no quest prompt to talk to him. 

Now I'm stuck not able to escort the npc out of the cave and can't proceed in the quest.

I've tried re-logging, which seems to be the only thing you can do since you can't change channels or abandon the quest. 

If I could somehow reset the quest that would be cool.  

Character Name: Vinr


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