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Where the hell is the NCLauncher located


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So just this morning I've been experiencing random crashes like Error 4049 and just game crashes with an error box saying there was an error but no *cricket* error written, and then when i try to send it in, it says that I can't cause it failed. So right now i'm pretty damn frustrated and just thought "hey why not do a clean install with all files completely wiped out." so that's what i did. HOWEVER, now when i run the launcher, the NCLauncher.exe doesn't exist and apparently doesn't come with the lite installer provided in the download section, So i'm pretty pissed off with the long queues, the Random as **** crashes, and the NCLauncher not existing within the lite installer that they provide. 


Here are my Specs,


i7 4790k @ 4.4ghz

2 gtx 970s sli'd

Windows 10 Home Pro x64

2x8gb 1833 Hyperx Fury RAM


If anyone has any knowledge about this or has any fixes PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a message.


Thank you for reading.

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Same problem here. Had to download the Lineage II game launcher(Aion launcher should work as well) and it's packaged with the ncsoft launcher. Closed the lineage II login window and navigated to BnS shortcut and up popped the login window for Blade & Soul.

Good Luck

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