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As the title suggest your class, race, faction, and server. Just to make it relevant to this forum whats your worst and best match-ups in PVP.

Assassin / Jihn / Crimson / Hajoon

Best imo: Blade master/ KFM

Worst: Other Assassins

Most Annoying: Summoner




I have to update mine, destroyers or in other words you mother effing spin to win class, absolute cancer. I personally dont mind assassins anymore, its a match-up of skills but destroyers are effing cringe worthy.



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Assassin / Jin / Cerulean / Juwol

Best IMO: Other assassins, Blade Masters, Summoners (Depends on skill level, and if I am paying attention), Blade Dancers
Worst: KFM, Summoners (Depends on skill level and if I'm paying attention)

Most Annoying: Anything that grapples.

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Blade Dancer / Lyn / Crimson (Likely changing to Cerulean) / Soha


Best IMO: I've only really seen Summoners do amazingly so far, but that's probably due to me not PvPing too much.  Blade Dancers have some pretty powerful killing moves, I've noticed, though.
Worst: N/A - Haven't PvP'd enough. :P

Most Annoying: Roxysox makes a fair point about grapples.

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Forcemaster / Gon /  Cerulean / Master Hong

Best imo: I regularly win against Kung Fu Masters. 

Worst: I havent figured out how to put down a Destroyer. Im getting there, I have won one match.

Most Annoying: Assassins; they take the longest to fight and a very specific spec. Stunning Blademasters give me trouble too.


On that note, I have fought so many SMN now I can spot a bad one a mile a way and burn them down. Bad summoners always die against me now. Good summoners are still onsided in thier favor however. Still .. Im proud of my progress.

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