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Settings to play on B&S


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What kind of settings would be go for a really smooth game play? At max I'm only getting about 17 fps and bad ping sometimes. Like certain attacks won't come out unless I push the button for it like 10 times. I'm pretty sure it's not my computer too but can be wrong.

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What region are you in? Make sure that the server you selected corresponds to your region for optimal ping.


US servers:




-Old Man Cho

-Master Hong







EU servers:


-Starfall crater

-Ebon HAll

-Wild Springs

-Cardinal Gates

-Hao District

-[DE] Frostgipfel

-[DE] Bambusdorf

-[DE] Windweide

-[FR] Dokumo

-[FR] Ogong

-[FR] Hoodoonv


It would also be a good idea to select a lower populated server, as they will be more stable and have lower queue times.

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