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Error 4049


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I have the problem where my client will open up and do the updates but when i want to start the game it gives me error 4049. I read more than enough forums about it and did everything in my power to fix it but it still doesn't work.

At the same time the error 4049 appears they also open an internet explorer with this site: http://www.gameguard.co.kr/gameguard/faq/eng/FAQ_3xx.htm. The problem is i cant enter this site because of this it says the page wont load because im on a proxy? It also says this in the client and thats why it wont load the NC ads. I have done the regedit thing to delete this problem and it worked for internet explorer but it stil gives this error in the bns client and the site that it opens. 


I was wondering if anybody knows how to fix this? And could this be the reason why it gives the 4049 error?

Thans in advance

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