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Lyn - Devious or Sweet? Playlists for the Lyn's! ♡


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♡ P L A Y L I S T S  4  T H E  L Y N  B A B I E S 


B A B Y , L Y N  ♡ <- (click to listen)

The playlist for the sweetest of Lyn’s, super cute enemy power fighters! 
Songs for your cute lil’ sweet adventure! ~* Super upbeat ~* 


D E V I O U S , L Y N ♡ <- (click to listen)

The playlist for the devious of Lyn’s who are super cute but capable of murdering foes 10/10.
Songs for your chaos filled adventures - Super boss killing powers.


Fanmade! Let me know what you guys think ^ ^ made for fun and to listen to while I play either one! 

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