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Accidentally removed my founder items,


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so i paid 129$ to get the 1 time limited skins , at the second day i used the weapon skin on a random weapon to see how it looks, i clicked reverse to get the skin back to my inventory and then it just disappeared  . 

then i made new character on the same server, i used the mail thing where there are 3 empty squares to drag into it the founder outfit to my other character, it asked me do you want to discard this item? i clicked yes as i thought its part of the process of sending, apparently i just removed it from the game entirely  ,  many other people did the same mistake as from what i searched but they did it before the opening, so it got reset,  i didn't pay 129$ just to lose the items like that because of a bad optimization. they need to fix it and reset back for the people who lost those kind of items. 

here is what i found : 



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