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Downloading Issue.


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I'll explain my situation that I've been in for a couple of days trying to fix this. I'll explain it with images too.

1) I go to the official website and download it from either near the ''Forums'' button or just from the downloading website. 

2) After finishing downloading it I had to place it somewhere so I simply placed it in C:\ and accepted that it would make a desktop shortcut. 
3) Finished that, and currently wondering what the flying f*** this it. 

4) I double-clicked it and it automatically searched for the file and this popped up. 
https://gyazo.com/65dbb142483376de06cd2b108d9f2373 The options were to repair, delete or cancel my actions. Oh yeah bby, I clicked repair that s**t

5) After clicking repair this launching screen came up.  

6) I logged in 

An error occured! Oh shizzle. (E03019) 

8) Whatever, I just continued to browse the files and choose my game file. 
Just to make sure I didn't have anything on my .ini (notepad) file wrong.  
I found the file, and clicked ''Ok'' https://gyazo.com/ca1fbb1f02e11fab91b46092100cf037
And this little f*** came https://gyazo.com/bc6e6ffe5e0f4763295dcc88b706810f

I tried to do the same by clicking NCWest, NC Launcher, NCSOFT, BnS etc instead of ''Download''. Yet, the same results is given. 
I've been waiting for this game for ages, and this is really frustrating to have to deal with this for 2 days and over 10 hours were spent trying to fix this.  
I didn't find much information on the website, but my friend managed to download this without any problems by using the exact same method as mine.

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