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Cant Spin Wheel of Fate


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I have been grinding Stalker Jiangshi for like an hour now and suddenly the wheel wont spin. The button to spin the wheel shows up on the screen and lights up when I push it, But nothing happens.

Yes, No one is using the wheel.
Yes, I have essences when I try to use the wheel.
No, Im not too close
Yes. I've tried relogging
No, My inventory is not full.
I've tried removing the essences from my inventory and going to grab more from the stalker Jiangshi,
Yes, I can talk to NPCs and such with the same button I use to spin the wheel.
I've even tried committing suicide.

It would be nice if there was a way to contact the GMs in game to get this fixed. but I saw no such button. Which is annoying and I would really like this to be fixed.

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