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New Streamer Looking For Support!


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Hey my fellow Blade & Soul Community! 

So a lot of you probably read the title and probably thought to yourself, "oh another guy trying to stream blah blah"

but if you actually came here to check out what this guy is talking about let me briefly explain!

My name is Haram, I'm 22 turning 23 real soon and I just got a new desktop computer (which is pretty pretty good, customized myself and a friend built it for me) which is able to

allow me to stream + play games at the same type without lagging! WOW, I never knew a day like that would come.

So I can finally stream now which I've always wanted to do for a long time ever since I started watching twitch streamers of my favorite games. 

I know you're thinking, "okay its just another pub trying to get twitch famous and etc" but I am trying to make this a very long term like almost forever type of style

What better way to start streaming when a brand new game in NA released!

So I started playing since like the final week of CBT and got early access but had barely enough time to play like the first 2 days of early access 

I am a lvl 30 FM atm, I think im semi-decent at PvP, and like mainly soloing the game but will play with others of course dungeon wise and tag team etc.


If you want to support a brand new streamer, it would be highly appreciated! :)



I will be playing Almost everyday

Weekdays = 5:30pm - sleeping time

Weekends = anytime - sleeping time

(this is all EST timezone)

Also if you want to add me, my name is "Fuk You" (Old Man Cho Server)

BTW I dont have any mods on my stream cause Idk how to do any of that so one day if someone helps me, I'll have that set up as well!


the reason I have to start late on weekdays is because I work from 10am - 5PM


If you would like to support me, follow the stream and watch whenever I stream! 

*I don't have dual monitor so I'll have to alt-tab a lot to read your comments until I buy another monitor 

*I don't have a webcam as well so you'll have to wait till I buy one as well


Thank you for giving a few minutes of your life reading this, highly grateful you made it to the end! <3

- Haram/haramb0/h9c3/Fuk You

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