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Newbie FM skill guide 45


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Fck this stupid bugged forum for fck sake. I just wasted 15 min trying to make a list with explenations to end up not logged in.

Eventually later I`ll re-write it....


LB - for now 4 points first branch unless I need solo(instances big stacks of mobs etc)then I switch to right branch.

RB-For boss fights I'm using 3 points right branch but as gear for now is usue usually I use it on on left branch 3 points again.

Fire F - 2 points

Ice F - 3 points 3rd branch unless I'm doing field bosses etc(then I'm using 2 points middle branch)

Yellow Tab - 1 point.

Fire Tab - 3 points when I need to block dash attacks/charges(Fish boss in POH for instance) when I do this I take the points from ICE C

2 - 2 points 1st branch usually but when I neex max range Switch on 4th branch 3 points total.With cold snap is amazing :D

3 - 1 point for less CD

Fire Z - 1 point unless I need more AOE

Ice Z - For now I'm using the 3rd branch 2 points(For field bosses 3)

Fire X - 2 points second branch,some people using first branch but I myself don't find it worth it before you unlock the hongmoon skill on this branch..

Fire C - 2 points.

Ice C - 3 points second branch usually but sometimes on the first.

Fire V - most of the time 2 points right branch but sometimes just 1.Depend of what I'm doing at the moment.

Ice - I find flower very handy and I always have it.

SS -1 point unless I need more aoe.


My skills vary very little and to remove deffense skill is usually just to put even more dmg.


Hopefully my little skill build would help our new FM brothers and sisters.

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Personally as a vet FM from TW I would put no points at all into Fire F. Your main source of damage should be coming from the burn build which is fire laser 2 (second last branch), your LMB for burn and RMB as preference. Burn build  > Ice build. Next update reduces both RMB ice to 1 focus. I put 2 points into the left because chill for freeze works on almost all overland bosses and some dungeons bosses and minibosses. The right branch is more damage, but also more focus starvation. 


No points into Z at all. Ice Z default gives you 3 focus, fire Z is worthless.


Middle path Fire X for movement, Ice X is per preference. 3 points into the far right branch gives you back 9 focus.


2 points left path Fire C (Short Fuse). 3 points ice C for projectile block that either moves with you, or lets you move inside it. I choose the former as I can leave it on for PVP or PVE repositioning without losing the protection.


Ice Flower is a very nice ability. 


Your 1 should be Aura Blast (burn) which is second to far right branch. Always detonate at 5 stacks. RMB > LMB > 2 animation canceling for super damage.


I put 2 points into Ice tab, far right path for a big heal when I need it. 2 points into triggered tab for disables, adjust as needed.


Rest of the points can go where ever. 

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I have to dissagree about some things you said there.

Ok let's say you right about fire F (i'm too used of it in the past although once they annouced BnS Eu I quit playing with 250ms).I still like it because of the fire stacks.

Fire Z is good when you have to aoe alot.Also is good for pvp but thats diff story.4 seconds of burning to 5 enemies to burn down by 2 first branch is far from worthless.

Aura blast will come later on.For now I'm fine without it,and however before you unlock it to crit for like 15k in pve(50 with good gear) I don't see good reason unless you have too much SP,which atm we don't :D


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