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Crashing on Opening Cutscene


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So I log in to my new character to watch the opening cut scene, see the boat floating by that says "Illustrator" and before I can see the name, I get a crash to desktop with no error message.  I've tried disabling every service and extraneous process but I'm not getting anywhere with it.  


PC Specs


MSI x99a Krait Edition

32gb Corsair RAM

eVGA GTX980 Ti

Samsung sm951 SSD (pci-e type)

Windows 10 64-bit pro


Currently all my nvidia services with the exception of the driver are turned off.  My keyboard and mouse are logitech gaming devices, but similarly, I turned those services and processes off.  Is there some kind of debug mode I can run with the nProtect software so I can see what's causing an issue (pretty sure it's an issue with this software, game isn't getting anywhere close to the memory/cpu usage capacity)?

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