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Blade Dancer Stances


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OK I started looking into my skills. If I could find "reset" button I would test them all my self.

The thing that confuses me are those "stances".
Example: By taking electric focus and then using some skills I guess it stacks up to 3 electric focus. IT IS REMOVED WHEN SWITCHED TO BASIC STANCE.

DUAL STRIKE - switches to basic stance after using it

Phantom Grip - switches to basic stance after using it

There are a lot of skills that switches to basic stance.

What happens when I am in basic stance? AM I in basic stance by default? When I switch to some other stance other than basic stance?
Plz gimme some explaination about stances. i dun even think My questions are on place. External link that explains this is also welcomed. thanks



EDIT: FLICKER - says I need to be in draw stance so I can use it. How do I get into draw stance? szzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Your basic stance is where you have your default skillbar, it's just your normal default abilities (block, etc.).

Your draw stance is where you do an AOE lightning attack/sword swing when you click LMB (default keybind).


To get into draw stance you can use the skills; Lightning draw and/or Blindside. 


Lightning draw is a skill that should be on your basic stance/default skill bar, where as Blindside is keybound to keys 'E' and 'Q' (Strafe left/Strafe right under your keybind settings).

You can enter draw stance by pressing 'Q', and to manually exit out of it, press 'E'.


Hope this helps. Feel free to ask any other questions.

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