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Early game glitch


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Unsure if this has been posted already, there is no search button for the forums.


Right when I started the game and started going through the tutorial, I had just learnt sprint and was told to go to some NPC (part 3 of the tutorial quests i believe). Right before you meet the NPC there's a water fall and a cliff. I did a running jump off the cliff. Died of course, but this is where I got stuck (glitched?). Was unsure if anything was supposed to happen on death, because no message popped up other than "you died". I noticed something akin to "Return", it's shortcut command was "4", and with nothing else happening and unable to do anything, I pressed the button. The game then entered an infinite loading screen (loading screen never went away), I gave it a good 10 minutes, but it didn't do anything, so I force closed the game. I am unsure if the infinite loading screen was specifically related to my manner of death, or if it was a separate issue.


It should be relatively easy to re-produce, or at least attempt to reproduce, but seeing as it took me 1.5 hours to get in through a queue, I didn't try again and don't plan to try again.

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