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I purchased Ncoin but didn't receive it

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Like, TBH I'm not to worried about the delay.  I'm more fearful of a purchase with no acquisition.  I know in time it'll be fixed, but the suspense is killing me.

Me too.. Someone from NCSoft please make it a priority.

I bought NCoins last night through Paypal. It was instant. Zero issues.

Please assist , as i bought Ncoin and didnt register to my account my Char name is ( Adktus) and im playing Blade and Soul EU. Bought it just now 23.30 Dubai Timing but didnt register

Purchased the NCOin via website using my card however didnt register please assist me

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On ‎24‎/‎01‎/‎2016 at 3:26 AM, SahAlmawt said:

I like the name they gave these invisible coins... NCoin properly represents the amount I have after purchasing them.... which is none...


but for real I thought they would of had this together being that this game has been out for like 3 years unless buying stuff is new to this game...


Ps- Im bout to Yelp review this shit....

3 years??... umm 4 months dude, lol KR has had it for 3 years.. also run by a company which is Separate from the One running this, even tho the games almost the same with only minor adjustments our cash store works differently, therefore is new... Atleast accuse them of the right stuff before u badmouth it realistically.


Blade and Soul has Been on OUR Regions for 4 months Under a Different company.

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First time purchases can take a little longer to process, as stated in this article. Should the stated time be exceeded, please contact our Support. Since this thread is more than a year old, I am now locking it up.


Thank you!

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