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I purchased Ncoin but didn't receive it

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This is possibly one of the worst launches I've ever seen of an MMORRG, and I never thought I'd say that after AA.  I just keep shaking my head in wonderment because this game has been released in so many regions already! You would think NCsoft would have a handle on the situation, but if I've learned one thing it's that NCsoft treats the NA like absolute garbage.


Utterly shameful.

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Like, TBH I'm not to worried about the delay.  I'm more fearful of a purchase with no acquisition.  I know in time it'll be fixed, but the suspense is killing me.

Me too.. Someone from NCSoft please make it a priority.

I bought NCoins last night through Paypal. It was instant. Zero issues.

22 hours ago, Rukkirii said:

Hey viper1000 and GinzaHibari. You should have received your NCoin by now. I will go ahead and forward your cases over to customer support to look into further.


Thanks for keeping us posted. :)

please check my ticket i purchased but havent received any n coins on my account 

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I like the name they gave these invisible coins... NCoin properly represents the amount I have after purchasing them.... which is none...


but for real I thought they would of had this together being that this game has been out for like 3 years unless buying stuff is new to this game...


Ps- Im bout to Yelp review this shit....

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Well, support got back to me yesterday and said that if it wasn't on my credit card, I wasn't going to get it.  I buy the coins on amazon instead.  Come today, poof, there's the charge on the card, and the NCoins.  Oh well, I guess I was going to eventually chuck in all this money anyway.


My advice is to always buy the NCoin codes, I've bought two so far and they've worked fine so far.

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Well I'm done NCsoft.


So I topped up 1600 ncoins 2 days back, sent an email and heres the reply I gotten via email:



Please be informed that we investigate your account thoroughly and we have confirmed that it met a certain characteristic that is similar to fraudulent purchases. Moving on, the purchases were already refunded as we take a immediate action to return the funds to the owner and blocked the account that's involved in the following transaction.

There is no further assistance we can provide for this issue. Further replies may not receive a response.


NCSOFT Support Team



Seriously NCsoft, fraud? Consider yourself bliss that a SEA player with bad ping still decides to support your game by purchasing premium & WTfast tunneling service. Fraud... Well done. Do u guys even read support tickets correctly or just skimming through the dozens after dozens.

Guess I'm done :p moving on to BnS taiwan maybe?



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Same problem here.


Purchased nearly 24 hours ago , opened a ticket at arround the same time, still no coins. :(


I know support is probably flooded with tickets since this is launch week , but still errors with the billing system should have top priority.


Hopefully this gets resolved soon.

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I put my order in on Saturday and I still haven't received anything. I sent an email to customer service info@ncsoft.com and submitted a ticket today. I hope they get this fixed soon...


If anyone else knows any other form of contact please let me know lol

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lucky u ive gone back and forth with them and have gotten no where, charge on card screenshot posted, no coins no transaction history so to them it didn't happen...and they said they will close my multi game account if i do a charge back...sounds like a scam to me

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As of today, it still isn't working. I purchased Ncoin this afternoon and its been 3-4 hours and still havn't got it. GGWP. 


Confirmation Email :

Thank you for ordering from NCSOFT®.

Your order has been submitted and is currently being processed. You will receive another email with the details of your order within 12 hours.

Order Number: 11096447738
Order Date: February 4, 2016


//I also got a security notification saying : This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be.


I really want to stick to this game. Please don't make me move on to another one. Because this problem will do it!

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This is still a problem. It's pretty ridiculous how NCsoft still have not fixed this. It's been a few hours and no Ncoin.


UPDATE: This is my first time purchasing Ncoin. I did not know it takes up to 12 hours (Still pretty ridiculous in my opinion) for first time buyers.

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