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Game freezing/dropping FPS


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Hello there.

As much as I've enjoyed what I saw when playing Blade & Soul, my experience has been hindered by some pretty annoying FPS drops (usually random), and the game freezing from time to time, mostly after cutscenes/during loading screens, and sometimes it even shuts my system off without blue screens or anything. I can't really seem to help neither issue by reducing the graphics quality, since both in max and lowest settings, I get these issues.

I don't know if it helps in this case, but my specs are AMD FX-6350 running at 3,5gHz, 1333 mHz DDR3 4GB of RAM(should be 8 but for some non-sense reason my bios is only picking up 4), ATI Radeon 7750 1GB GDDR5, 600w Thermaltake PSU, Seagate 500GB HD.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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