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Know any emote commands?

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1-1 /bow
1-2 /applause
1-3 /tease
1-4 /love
1-Z /wave
1-X /kiss
1-C /sorry
1-V /soothe


2-1 /cry
2-2 /bravo
2-3 /bored
2-4 /scare
2-Z /cheer
2-X /rage
2-C /afraid
2-V /sigh, /frustrated


3-1 /charge
3-2 /stop


4-1 /scout, /examine
4-2 /respect
4-3 /dance
4-4 /dance2

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There are defiantly more commands than listed in ctrl+alt. Like there is one that makes Lyn walk/jump back and forward in a line. What is it? I couldn't find it.

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