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Game Crashing (Resolved, I think)


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Out of nowhere I get a game crash while doing an escort quest in level 40 zone, I did it earlier but left zone too quickly to complete quest so I had to re-do it. After coming to 2nd group this time unlike the first time I get a game crash and a crash report that shows me nothing.


After this, I start game back up to find a 40-50Mb update waiting. And upon entering my PIN code in the game I crash before character screen shows up. I have now tried 6 times.


I will leave it alone for a while, try back later and keep an eye on this thread if anyone else have suffered this error or for information regarding it.


(P.S. I tried to perform a repair but I don't think it found anything and it didn't help)


// Sezsion

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Same issue here !

Was doing a random daily at Hogshead and a BnS crash report showed up.
After that, my game kept crashing just after entering my pin


Edit :  This might explain the crash, i must've connected like 5 min before servers going down and missed the announcement Y_Y


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Right now there is a maintenance going on that is supposed to end around 16:30 GMT+1.

But if you get what I had which was just a random kick and inability log back in without getting an error message or anything of the sort, what I did was: Log in, and press the File Repair button.

After that it didn't work instantly, but I tried logging back in 10 minutes later and it worked. 

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