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Soul Shields


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14 minutes ago, LandonAero said:

Hello can someone take some time out of their day and explain a little bit about Soul Shields?

Soul shields are the primary way your character can grow (other than leveling).


A soul shield is comprised of 8 pieces. While there are dozens of soul shields available, getting soul shields of the same type and rarity (Check the name and the name color) provides additional benefits when you have a combination of 3, 5, and 8 of the same type (same name and rarity).


Killing mobs in specific areas can give you drops (usually in a box looking thing) that can contain a soul shield piece for a particular soul shield. As you progress through the game and each area, you'll discover different kinds of soul shields. Each area on the map has it's own theme of soul shield, basically.

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As an addition to the above explanation. You can also break up old Soul Shields and gain Fusion Powder. You can then use the fusion powder to enchant equipped Soul Shields to enhance them even more. 


On of the first sets you should gain would be the Stalker Set from the first gambling wheel (well with a bit of luck)

As an additional tip I would recommend that when you get to Cinderlands you start getting as MANY Cinderlands valor stones as you can get since you will eventually need at least 26 of them, You need 10 for a weapon break through and 16 (2 per piece) for an awesome Level 36 soul shield set you can buy in Yehara's Mirage in the Scorching Sands.


Also Soul Wardens can craft Sould Shields that can be used to enchant equipped Soul Shields. If you see people at 30+ with 5k health it usually means they failed to upgrade their gear of forgot to get a better soul Shield Set. :)

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