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So I can't imagine I'm the only one who has been getting high latency, what seems like the game (and possibly your PC) stops responding at some point playing the game usually when activating abilities. I've found something that has worked for me, although I need to do more testing in graphic intensive areas. 


Although my computer has quite a lot of resources I found that among Blade and Soul taking up a fairly large chunk, an svchost was also taking up way more memory than I have ever seen it do. 


If you find that's also the case for you whilst running B&S I'd suggest right clicking svchost.exe (it's in processes) and clicking 'Go to service(s)'. This will highlight all the services that svchost is supporting. By elimination the one that was causing me such an issue was 'wuauserv' whilst is related to Windows Updates, after stopping the service my resources got freed up nicely. Not surprising that the game would have some issues running without available RAM or CPU. 


I've disabled Windows Updates in the services menu and made sure it's fully stopped. Not had any problems since. 


Just thought I'd post this as there seem to be some issues with lag so hope it helps someone else. 

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