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What is Imperial Network?

We're a network which will be featuring the skilled PvP talent for each region, helping them get their content out to the community to the best of our ability, being a one-stop hub for everything PvP in Blade & Soul.

The way we help each other in the Imperial Network is by giving the Blade & Soul community a sense of direction in where they can go to for quality streams or content, where they can learn from the best, and in the long run helping each other grow as a community.

How do you join the Imperial Network?

You can PM me about joining, a high rating would be suitable for being featured in our Network, it will also be preferred that you stream or make Youtube content often.

An alternative to joining our network would be being an Event Organizer interested in growing your events with us!
We also feature eSports personalities such as Shoutcasters & Tournament Streamers

Please note that in order to be a part of the Imperial Network you should be able to effectively work with our team.

Current Members

Imperial Tournaments - Twitch - NA Thread - EU Thread - Youtube - Twitter - NA Community - EU Community

Averest - Imperial Network Founder - Twitch

Rainy - Imperial NA Tournament Shoutcaster - Twitch - Youtube - Twitter

Flowroro - Imperial NA Tournament Shoutcaster - Twitch - Youtube - Twitter

Rink - Imperial EU Manager - Youtube

Aari - Dojo Mod & Imperial EU Tournament Streamer - Twitch

Impy - Imperial Community Manager - Twitch

Siana - Imperial Community Manager - Twitch

SyNollis - Web Developer - Event Organizer - Twitch

Dakaringer - Platinum Blade Dancer & BnSTree Founder - Twitch

High FiDelity - EU Community Tournament - Twitch - EU Thread - Website

Mado Shi - Platinum FM - NA - Twitch

Radeyz - Platinum KFM - EU - Twitch

AALaguna- Platinum KFM - EU - Twitch

Shiro - Platinum KFM Guides - EU - Youtube

Colourised - Platinum Summoner - EU - Twitch

xShade - Platinum Summoner - EU - Twitch - Youtube

Enoll - Platinum BM - EU - Twitch

Intro - Highly Skilled FM - EU - Twitch - Youtube - Twitter

Xukania - Highly Skilled Assassin - Twitch

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1 minute ago, Enamour said:

Are some of the links not working currently? Trying to see if there are any Destroyer guides but it takes me back to the home page right now.

The website is still currently in the works a little bit, sorry for the inconvenience but we haven't updated the guides page yet.  This is one of our top priorities rest assured.

We're looking for the best quality guides to feature and should have it all ready by sometime next week.

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1 hour ago, Enamour said:

Gotcha! I'll just bookmark it for now. Also one more question, but not sure if I overlooked it or not but how will the tournaments be set up and are you guys thinking about a minimal ranking to participate? 

We may introduce tiered tournaments in the future once the scene gets big enough, but first and foremost we would like to introduce quality tournaments to the community so that the eSports community of Blade & Soul can flourish as it deserves in NA/EU.

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