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Crashing During opening Cut Scene.


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pretty much what it says, create a char, start into the opening cut scene, and during this doing nothing on my end just watching, the game crashes, tried 3 times now and it keeps doing it, thought it might be related to my Razor stuff, turned that off, rebooted my pc, cause for some strange reason doing this stopped the game from launching at all, rebooted, and tried again, still crashing, no error, nothing, just a screen freeze then the window pops up saying it broke, i want to love this game, but it looks like you employed some blizzard staff cause this is about as a bad as any blizzard expansion release to date >.>


here are my specs before any one asks, deff sure i have the power to run it:

Win 10 pro 64 bit

16gig of ram

Geforce GTX 960 4gig

Intel Core i5-4590 3.30ghz.

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